Working at Silicom

Silicom is a company on a human scale and with strong values: to join us, you must obtain two recommendations from Silicom employees that can be acquired during your various recruitment interviews. This is the promise of successful integration into our teams and projects.
Silicom only recruits permanent contract consultants
Each new arrival will benefit from an integration schedule

Evolving at Silicom

Silicom has always valued talent and expertise in a process of contributing to our Clients major projects. We have always been driven by innovation, which explains our positioning as an expert in niche markets.

HR Policy

Talent and investment recognition
Well-being in your work
Valuation of Expertise
pro. / perso. life balance
Silicom promotes internal promotion and the valorization of knowledge, i.e. 2 managers out of 3 come from internal promotion.
Commitments: Social and generational diversity, equal opportunities.

Silicom is recruiting!

Because entering Silicom is the assurance of having access to a path of expertise that will enable you to meet all the challenges. Our job is to accompany you every day a little more in the distinction of your skills and the achievement of your objectives.