R&D department

Silicom is a major player in innovation at the local, national and international levels. As an expert company, Silicom uses its employees to think and imagine the systems of tomorrow. Silicom invests in research and development (R&D) in areas such as artificial intelligence, embedded systems and smart networks. Silicom is particularly involved in the following areas:
- Improved detection of cyber threats, using our artificial intelligence algorithm based on reinforcement learning
-> Application in the field of Security Operation Center (SOC) to relieve level 1 tasks (large companies context), or automatic reaction to a cyber attack (mid-size company context (ETI) and/or small and medium enterprises (SME))

-> Application to increase the security level of secure mobile terminals or the security and reliability level of industrial Logical Processing Units (LPU)

-> Application in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) to fluidify the exchanges between objects and the control center.

Silicom is a member of competitiveness clusters
- Aerospace valley (Toulouse)
- Systematic (Paris)
- Images & Networks (Rennes)
Silicom has contributed to several projects such as SOAPS, TIRAD, LCI4D and FED4PMR. Silicom has been approved for the Research Tax Credit (CIR) and is involved in the innovation topics of its customers and with the following partners. This has earned the company recognition at the European level through its constant and sustained participation in major European programs for several years. Silicom has established the following technological partnerships:
- Industry Partnerships for Global Solutions
- Technological partnerships for innovative solutions
- Geographical partnerships for proximity to our customers- Academic partnerships (INRIA, UTBM, ESIGETEL, ENSEIRB, TELECOM PARIS, ARMINES, SUPELEC, etc)

Silicom is recruiting!

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