R&D department

An important entity in more and more current companies, the Silicom group is no exception to the rule and is positioned as a major French contributor in R & D on new technologies: artificial intelligence, neural networks, new communication protocols, gnss system ...
Silicom devotes a significant part of its activities to research and development (R & D), which has earned the company recognition at European level through its constant and sustained participation in major European programs for several years. As an expert company, Silicom uses its employees to think and imagine the systems of tomorrow. All establishments in Paris, Rennes and Toulouse are part of national competitiveness clusters. In terms of R & D, SILICOM has led several projects such as SOAPS, TIRAD, LCI4D or FED4PMR.
Silicom is a member of competitiveness clusters
- Aerospace valley (Toulouse)
- Systematic (Paris)
- Images & Networks (Rennes)
All of our partners
- Industrial partnerships for global solutions
- Technology partnerships for innovative solutions
- Geographical partnerships for proximity with our customers

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Because entering Silicom is the assurance of having access to a path of expertise that will enable you to meet all the challenges. Our job is to accompany you every day a little more in the distinction of your skills and the achievement of your objectives.