Our partners

Silicom x Pr0ph3cy
Pr0ph3cy is a vision and a concept around the innovation and the evolution of the Cyber market in France and internationally. Pr0ph3cy is a French company that holds 100% of the capital of Silicom and Seela.
Silicom x Seela
Seela is the only e-learning platform in CyberSecurity basing its training courses on coaching and simulation thanks to the Airbus Cybersecurity CyberRange. Seela contributes to the protection of your company through training in case of CyberAttack.
Silicom x TheCrew
Strategy, experience, development: we are creators, developers, designers, who provide product support to enable you to produce value in your market. theCrew is Silicom's disruptive solution for the design of tomorrow's products.
Silicom x Andrea
MyAndrea helps you manage your social networks to improve the visibility and awareness of your brands. Communication strategy, content creation, editorial planning... MyAndrea is the Silicom group's communication agency.

Silicom is recruiting!

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