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Description of the job at Silicom:
Goal :

Intervene in all phases of a telecom space project: upstream, specification and design, development, validation and qualification.

Main activities :

- Participate in the design and development of a satellite telecom system:
      - Build and operate link budget  
      - Coordinate the frequency plan
      - Calculate the system margins
      - Specify and design resource management algorithms according to system constraints
      - Evaluate the operational context on the quality of the transmission

- Simulate the system in order to evaluate its performance (capacity, flexibility...)

- Contribute to the project documentation:
        - Interface specifications between subsystems
        - System validation plan & report
        - Operational procedures (resource allocation, handover...)

Minimum skills required:

Realization of link assessment, impact study of equipment and physical phenomena (amplification, active/passive antenna, EIRP, signal to noise ratio, multipath, frequency coordination...)

General knowledge

On-board satellite architecture (OL, IMUX, OMUX, SSPA, TWT...)

General knowledge

Telecom standards DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)/S/SH/SX/RCS

General knowledge

Development and exploitation Ms Excel, Matlab and/or equivalent (SCILAB/OCTAVE)

Operational knowledge

Algorithmic coding in C/C++

Operational knowledge

  • Attraction to space
  • Reading scientific articles
  • Documentary writing
  • Working in a team

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