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Since 1983, Silicom has never stopped reinventing itself and creating thanks to employees who are as passionate as they are committed. Because today, Silicom is:
- An SME headed by true technophiles who are never short of ideas - The deployment of consulting and expertise solutions in areas of excellence: Cyber, AI, SSI
. - Carrying out internal R&T and R&D work for the creation of our own innovative products in its fields of excellence
- 6 locations with a strong culture: Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Grenoble and Montreal - 250 highly motivated employees - And more than 50 key account customers with missions carefully selected by our technophilesTranslated with (free version)

Description of the job at Silicom:
Goal :

Define the architecture of the telecommunications networks of the company, guarantee the good functioning and quality of the network and participate in its evolution.

Main activities :
  • Collect business needs in terms of network performance requirements (coverage and stability)
  • Design and plan the architectures of the telecom network
  • Optimize the network by conducting project installation or redesign of some elements of the company's telecom network
  • Be a guarantor of network evolutions
  • Provide the interface between the internal and external teams when setting up the network
  • Provide technical and functional expertise when setting up information system infrastructure projects or when launching transversal projects
  • Supervise the move of network infrastructure to other back-up sites or back-up sites
Minimum skills required:
Network Planning and Deployment

Operational or in-depth knowledge

Telecom Network Protocols (UHF, VHF)

Operational or in-depth knowledge

Telecom Planning Software
(ATOLL, Chir +, CST)
Operational or in-depth knowledge

Knowledge of 3G, 4G, 5G technologies
General knowledge

Knowledge of databases

General knowledge

  • Priority management
  • Reactivity
  • Meticulous / herself
  • Adaptability

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