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Who said that at 36, we were Has Been? Since 1983, Silicom has been constantly reinventing itself and creating thanks to such passionate and passionate collaborators.
Because today Silicom is:
- An SME with its true technophiles never short of ideas
- The deployment of consulting and expertise solutions in areas of excellence: SSI, Cyber, IA
- Performing internal R & T and R & D work to create our own innovative products in its areas of excellence
- 5 establishments with a strong culture: Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, Marseille and Grenoble
- 220 highly motivated employees
- And more than 50 key account customers at missions handpicked by our techies

Description of the job at Silicom:
Goal :

Use intrusion testing solutions to assess the security levels of the application services or IT systems of Key Account customers in accordance with deadlines, commitments and the code of ethics.

Main activities :
  • Assist in safety assessment (vulnerability studies, methodology)
  • Identify and investigate security vulnerabilities
  • Mapping flows
  • Operate, maintain and manage information systems (IS)
  • Pentester: information gathering, identification of entry points and intrusion tests (black, gray box) and defense tests
  • Participate in drafting audit reports
Minimum skills required:

Pen Testing Security Tools: Nmap, Metasploit, Burp Suite, Cain & Abel, Nessus (OpenVAS), Hydra
Operational or in-depth knowledge

OWASP, Authentication (SSO, OpenId Connect, OAuth ...)

Operational or in-depth knowledge

Cryptology, Cryptography
General knowledge

(Python, Ruby, Java ...)
General knowledge

    • Persevering (e)
    • Meaning of the analysis
    • Editorial Capabilities
    • Technolophile

    Silicom is recruiting!

    Because entering Silicom is the assurance of having access to a path of expertise that will enable you to meet all the challenges. Our job is to accompany you every day a little more in the distinction of your skills and the achievement of your objectives.