Our values

Silicom will always distinguish itself by its ethics and its human size, which guarantee its benevolence towards its teams and partners.
Maintain the frankness that characterizes us
The Technicality
Base our experience on high added value in engineering.
The Respect
Move forward together so that everyone is involved in Silicom.

Corporate values

Joining Silicom means adhering to its values and principles. Silicom attaches great importance to the following principles:
Well-being in your work
Team work
Local management
Be a force of proposal and know how to take risks to meet new technological challenges

Silicom is recruiting!

Because entering Silicom is the assurance of having access to a path of expertise that will enable you to meet all the challenges. Our job is to accompany you every day a little more in the distinction of your skills and the achievement of your objectives.