Silicom has been an active partner of the Enfant du Mékong association since 2016 and wishes to participate in its digitisation programme. Beyond the shared values, Silicom has found in Enfant du Mékong a partner of choice in raising awareness of the company's societal positioning. Find out more about the action and beautiful projects of Enfant du Mékong on asie-reportages.
Our commitments

Silicom is committed to a long-term partnership with Enfants du Mekong to support the education of poor children in Southeast Asia through :

Provide financial support for international solidarity volunteer missions sent to Asia by the Partner, up to €16,000 for 2016. Sensitize its employees by presenting the PARTNER at a convention Present to its customers to set up the « solidarity fee » Offer skills sponsorship of some of its employees to the attention of the Children of the Mekong

The solidarity fee

Propose (not require) our clients to join your R.S.E. approach to support the education of poor children in South East Asia through the solidarity fee. For example, for a daily rate of 500€, we propose to revalue the rate to 501€.

Promote resources within Silicom

Silicom is looking for young people (engineers) for its teams around the values of trust, commitment, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and who are part of the long-term (values & skills): we would be happy to receive Bamboo Volunteers within Silicom when they return from their mission in Asia.

Silicom is recruiting!

Because entering Silicom is the assurance of having access to a path of expertise that will enable you to meet all the challenges. Our job is to accompany you every day a little more in the distinction of your skills and the achievement of your objectives.