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Berthold Roth
Managing Director – Canada
A word from the director

The needs in information technology and particularly in cybersecurity are constantly evolving and represent ever greater challenges. Being up to speed with these current and future issues is a priority for Silicom Inc., which surrounds itself with specialized consultants capable of delivering customized expertise to meet the expectations of its clients, whether they are small or large companies.

Our engagment

Silicom Inc. is involved with its customers, by being a force of proposal through services and resources dedicated and adapted to their projects, in cybersecurity (networks, architecture, governance) and information technology (development, architecture and other digital issues).

They are Silicom''s strength

Silicom inc is above all about the well-being of its consultants, with the desire to see them evolve and grow professionally and humanely in a dynamic environment. Thanks to its unique cyber training platform and the certifications offered, Silicom inc allows its employees to develop and strengthen their expertise and knowledge in their chosen field.

Silicom is recruiting!

We never run out of needs, but we are always looking for new talent. Measure yourself against our experts during your technical interview.