Our experts, accompanied by our technical management, are the guarantors of an offer in adequacy with the challenges of our customers. We do not conceive that Management can commit itself without the future contributors to the projects.

Corporate values

Our vision of consulting is simple: to bring value to our clients. Silicom chooses to focus its services on the notion of commitment to results: we are proud of our talents and expertise!

We have chosen to focus on sectors and projects with high added value in order to guarantee quality services and passionate consultants. Our local management and organisation enable us to guarantee the successful incorporation of newcomers, whatever the complexity of the projects, through our know-how and the commitment of expert consultants. We firmly believe in everyone's potential and prefer a well-made head to a succession of meaningless words on a CV. We accept that our clients say « no » but we also know how to advise them and take our responsibilities in the selection of profiles.

Whether in technical assistance (TA), fixed price or service centre (CDS or C2S), Silicom is committed to the expertise of its consultants, particularly in its 5 areas of Excellence. 90% of the projects carried out in Package or C2S mode have been successful and are now a guarantee of quality for our partners: if you test these 2 modes of achievement, accompanied by our teams, we guarantee that you will want to hear more about the AT mode! Consulting 3.0 also means ensuring regulatory and technological monitoring (security, banking, big data, telecom, and embedded domains) for our privileged partners. To be one of these partners, we invite you to contact the Sales Department.

Silicom is recruiting!

We never run out of needs, but we are always looking for new talent. Measure yourself against our experts during your technical interview.