Work is health !

07/04/2018 in "Society"
On the occasion of World Health Day, Saturday, April 7, what do you think of the link between well-being and companies? No, it's not an oxymoron! The proof with Wittyfit, an ingenious platform to measure the quality of life at work.

Launched by theWHO(World Health Organization), which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, World Health Day, which is held every April 7, proposes to reflect on the public health problems affecting all societies in the world. The contemporary world.

In 2017, the theme that was chosen was that of depression . A scourge affecting many sectors, especially the business sector, where boron-out , burn-out and now burn-in have unfortunately become legions.

For some time, however, initiatives have been taken to combat what could be called the evil of the century.

Of course, there are traditional trainings learning "to manage stress" or also groups of words that are offered to employees. But, digital era requires, prevention now goes through applications and other 2.0 technologies. Among these revolutions, one of the most notable is undoubtedly Wittyfit , web platform created in April 2014 by Thomas Cornet, to measure in real time, the well-being of employees of a company. A revolutionary little tool that Silicom could not miss.

In adequacy with the time

Silicom has been using Wittyfit since July 2017. This is another milestone for the group, which has made serenity at work, one of its important issues in recent years. But what does Wittyfit really look like? In practice, this is a questionnaire that employees of a box fill anonymously. The questions are about their life in the workplace as well as their everyday life, outside of society. At the end of the test, various solutions are proposed in order to improve certain points concerning this often complicated relationship between well-being and work.

But that's not all ! In addition to Wittyfit, Silicom has also made the QVT or Quality of Life at Work page. In its communication on progress (COP) of November 30, 2017, Jules Bataille, president of the company, renewed the commitment that Silicom had to mobilize a QVT manager, to ensure the physical and mental health of the whole. of his collaborators.

So many measures to affirm that in 2018, work is also health!

Antoine Le Fur

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