Thierry Sache, adventurer of the extreme

02/08/2019 in "Society"

Running kilometers and crossing the seas does not impress. Thierry Sache, IS architect at Silicom, likes challenges. But not just any. His ? The races and other triathlons of the extreme. Ironman, Norseman or just recently Enduroman, an adventure during which he tried to cross the English Channel. Meeting with an adventurer of the extreme.

1. Where did you get this passion for marathons and extreme races?

It all started about ten years ago now.

In 2009, I stopped smoking. Quite naturally, I gained weight. The following year, I decided to go back to sport and resume jogging.

Naturally, I made my first marathon then triathlon in spring 2011. And crescendo, the so-called "extreme" races have arrived : Ironman in 2012, Altriman in 2013, Norseman in 2014 ...

2.Recently, you participated in the Enduroman race, held between England and France. What were the specific issues of such a complex adventure?

In fact, it's almost the same as for other races. I practiced the "classic" triathlon until 2015. The advantage of a more extreme triathlon like Enduroman is that we always participate as a team.

So yes, it's a rather complicated adventure but where the pleasure is really at the rendezvous. And then, I also really wanted to cross the English Channel!

3.Have you had any particular constraints during the course?

Of course. But there are some things to keep in mind. For example, we must always say that it is the ability to adapt that takes precedence.

In this type of adventure, we live intensely the present moment. It is only the present that counts.

In addition, participating in a team reinforces the charm of the moment.

4.What are the prerequisites to completing before embarking on such an adventure?

The biggest challenge on Enduroman was really all that could surround the crossing of the Channel . It's a really dangerous area and you can not cross this sea easily.

There are a lot of administrative constraints to complete before embarking on the big bath. And there are also the many tests to the effort.

Regarding the crossing of the Channel, this includes a six-hour bath in cold water .

"I really put my life in parentheses for nine months"

5.How much time did you spend preparing for the race?

It took me between ten months and a year . It's really a daily job, in the long run.

You have to know that if you decide to try to cross the Channel, it can take up to two years . So do not be afraid of challenges!

6.How do you manage to combine your work at Silicom and extreme races?

As I could ( laughs )! More seriously, I really juggled between professional life and training sessions.

Every Tuesday morning, I went swimming before going to work. I also trained during my lunch breaks, evenings, weekends ... In general, I really put my life in parentheses for nine months.

Today, I really think I can say that Enduroman was the greatest adventure I ever had.

7.How much did Silicom help you on this adventure?

The support of the company has really been important. Already, Silicom sponsored me. I was also able to count on the support of Raphaël Chapuis, who was on my team, and who served as a photographer.

«I will retry the crossing of the English Channel

next year "

8.Do you have other projects of this type in mind?

For the moment, not really. The more time passes and the more I wish to leave "official" competitions to offer me more personal adventures. For example, this can be a two day hike in an exceptional site.

However, as I have not managed to cross the Channel completely during the Enduroman and I was forced to abandon, I will try to retry the crossing next year, and to join the French soil since English ribs.

9.Ideally, is there an extreme race that you would like to try?

Currently, I do not have adventures that are already defined. In a way, participating in a particular race depends on a number of things.

For example, meetings that we may have to do. And if I can share my adventures, in team and with friends, it's even better!

Antoine Le Fur

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