Job dating or renewal of recruitment?

07/02/2019 in "Society"
Forget the sacrosanct job interview with a cover letter and unwrap the CV! In recent years, more and more companies are using job dating to recruit their future employees. The principle is simple: an employer meets a whole series of candidates, during interviews not exceeding ten minutes. A way for postulants to synthesize as much as possible their intervention and leaders to find, perhaps, their new colleagues. Spotlight on a phenomenon that attracts more and more companies.

We knew speed dating, this type of dating where singles exchange between them for a few minutes. In recent years, these timed discussions no longer apply only to future couples but also between employers and jobseekers. This is the principle of job dating , ie a brief job interview, lasting between seven and ten minutes. The recruiter meets several candidates, one after the other.

The purpose of this exchange is not so much to get a job at the end of the discussion but more to reach a second meeting, if of course the applicant has managed to convince his interlocutor.

If the job dating tends to develop in several professional sectors, one finds it mainly in specific fields such as those of the BTP, the restoration, the customer relation or the services to the person.

Whatever the branch in which one postulates, to assure a job dating supposes to respect some instructions. Thus, to put all the chances on his side, the postulant must listen well to his interlocutor, so as to give clear answers, synthetic because time is limited. It is preferable that the speech has been the subject of reflection beforehand, so as not to scatter. In addition, it is not advisable to proceed with a course of his own resume since the recruiter will have it in front of him. And of course, a good candidate is a nice and smiling candidate. Since the exchange is timed, as well leave a good impression to the one who will perhaps be his future boss!

Job dating but also job and job truck

In the same way that there are a lot of sectors using job dating as a recruitment technique, we also note that this practice can be open to any jobseeker, regardless of the level of education.

Thus, among the various postulants, it is possible to find both freshly graduated candidates who already have experience in their field, self-taught people and others with several years of post-bac studies. In addition, job dating also applies to trainees and those wanting to perform a VIE or International Volunteering in Business. Whatever your profile, do not be afraid to embark on the adventure of job dating.

Of course, this recruitment process is open to everyone, including disabled workers. The principle remains the same except that the postulants selected for their future position must, before starting, perform a month of POE or Operational Profession at the Job.

As for recruiters, they must submit to an awareness meeting, in order to demystify the topic of disability in business. And while job seekers may be reluctant to participate in an exercise such as job dating, they may also be involved in other, somewhat original recruitment techniques. This is particularly the case of the j ob run, which consists of putting employers and postulants in touch for a few kilometers of jogging or even a job truck, where the candidates meet the recruiters for a few minutes at a time. inside a truck . A process used, among others, byBNP Paribasin 2014.

So, whether you prefer to run or not, why not try the timed interviews? Brief, synthetic, they have the wind in their sails and are in their infancy!

Antoine Le Fur

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