The underpinnings of the growth of VSEs and SMEs

04/09/2019 in "Society"

Have you always wanted to know the underprivileges of SMEs? Know what are the main obstacles and the keys to boosting their growth? Good news, a recent study by DocuSign answers his questions and reveals some mysteries. Elements of answers.

This is a study that helps to understand some things and will probably help future people wanting to start a business.

DocuSign recently piloted a study on the growth of French micro and small businesses. "Start of Something - The revenue of growth" presents a series of statistics to better understand the key stages in the growth of French SMEs and start-ups, as well as the main factors of failure.

First observations? The two main fears of people starting businesses are: administrative tasks and fundraising.

The administrative ... A nightmare for many.

The figures put forward by the study are particularly enlightening. We learn that 2 out of 3 French entrepreneurs have trouble with the administrative constraints , which have failed to undermine their projects.

In general, these inescapable chores when it comes to business management annoy 74% of respondents.

From then on, the term " administrative phobia " really makes sense.

Growth accelerating

One of the highlights of the report is that 65% of entrepreneurs under 35 say they have exaggerated their skills to accelerate the growth of their business.

The youngest are particularly highlighted in this study.

There is a difference in the way of proceeding between the under-35s and the over-45s. For example, 63% of the under-35s sold shares to outside investors, compared to 41% for the over-45s.

Young people are trying the adventure of entrepreneurship and that can end up paying.

Because it is enough to look at some figures to realize the beautiful growth of VSEs and SMEs.

This is demonstrated by the latest economic barometer of the Order of Chartered Accountants . We learn that after a year of decline, the turnover of French VSEs and SMEs has increased significantly, with a 2.6% increase in general.

What about start-ups ? In France, this remains an economic priority. To find out, just look at the latest edition of France Digital Day , almost a year ago, in September 2018.

One word was particularly on everyone's lips: that of " scale-up ". In other words, it refers to start-ups that have changed their scale and have been particularly successful in their development.

France, the leading European country in terms of density of start-ups on its territory, has this model in sight. The speech of Mounir Mahjoubi, secretary of state in charge of digital at this time, could not be clearer: " Let's be the number one country in scale-up ! ". The motto is launched.

Antoine Le Fur

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