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30/11/2017 in "Society"
The famous Anglicism, in French "team building", has become a business must in recent years. A mode of operation that Silicom uses and which gave good results. So many reasons to adopt this practice that comes straight from the United States

"Of course my company practices Team Building" . Here is a sentence that is no longer rare to hear. Behind this English formula, hides one of the most convincing managerial techniques of recent years.

Appeared in the 1980s in the United States, the Team Building or "team building" intends to strengthen the links between members of a team.

A manager can use this method in different cases, whether during the construction of a project mobilizing the skills of each or to manage a crisis. Above all, team spirit is the challenge of the Team Building.

A practice that appealed to Silicom, as Arthur Bataille, commercial director of the company, remarked: "Whatever happens, it is an obligation to work together . The important thing is to relate the capabilities of each. We all have our qualities and our flaws: it is fundamental to position the right person in the right place. ".

A synergistic effect

Through sports or cultural activities, Team Building will allow employees of a group to better understand this approach of working together. Formerly, we did not speak of Team Building but of seminars.

A rather generic term since it includes both Team Building and Team Bonding , to distinguish. Where the first refers to "team building", the second assumes "team liaison".

Regarding the Team Building itself, Silicom has a fairly precise opinion on the issue. "At the management level, it's a real subject. We want to create synergies within our business. This seems to me the main mission when we talk about Team Building. Especially when we talk about a crisis situation, the resolution can only be donewhen all the stakeholders contribute in solidarity : the response to this situation must imperatively be made with one voice to be effective " , says Arthur Bataille.

Although Silicom has been practicing "team building" since 2000 and the opening of the first service center, Team Building has grown considerably over the years.

Today, three directorates supervise the practice: commercial, operational and technical. Three poles, ensuring the stake of what Silicom wants: "To make that people work together, even if our teams are dispersed on different Professions, different places and whatever their career. Our three directions are the perfect representation because they are part of a logic to take into account our diversity " . There is no need to say, the more we are crazy and the more we laugh.

By Antoine Le Fur

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