When North America attracts French companies

18/09/2019 in "Society"

This is a question that never ceases to intrigue. Every year, in which countries can French companies be established? The 2019 results of the Barometer, dedicated to the international presence of SMEs, ETIs and French start-ups, have just been published by Banque Populaire and Pramex International. And that reserves a few surprises.

The years pass and never stop to resemble each other.

In 2019, the United States still occupies the first position in the rankings of foreign countries where French companies come to settle.

The world's leading power accounts for 16% of the projects studied, which is still one in five companies.

But it is not only the country of Uncle Sam that seduces French companies. Gace the American mastodon, the Old Continent is resistance.

Just behind the United States, there are three European countries. Germany , Spain and the United Kingdom occupy second, third and fourth place respectively. Given its good relations with the Hexagon, Germany wins two places compared to 2018 and can boast a good score of 8.3% of settlements.

Spain fell one place on the podium, compared to the previous year, but does not lose its attractiveness to French companies, with a figure rising to 8% in terms of locations.

Finally, the United Kingdom continues to attract, despite the political and economic instability that has developed at the time of Brexit. Just look at the number of implementation projects (7.6%) , to realize that French companies are attracted by the charm that emanates across the Channel .

Europe and North America, two continents "eldorados"

In general, Western Europe accounts for 44% of projects. The second continent to be perceived as an "eldorado" for French companies remains North America , with a score of 22%.

It should be noted that the two continents occupy 66%, ie two thirds of the establishments of French companies abroad. There is therefore a real appeal for the more developed countries rather than those in the process of immersion.

So of course, some European states like Italy are further behind than others. The "Boot" represents only 4.4% of the implantations studied and even shows a significant decrease compared to 2018, with a deficit of 1.4%.

In spite of everything, it is important to recognize that in a context of globalization where all eyes are turned towards Asia, Old Europe continues to attract . And this, to the delight of French companies!

Antoine Le Fur

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