Facebook sets up a new playground

06/09/2017 in "Society"
What is the new update of Facebook and what will be its impact? A new playground, based on the same SEO rules as Google, redistributes the cards!
The Facebook group has made a change in its algorithm for optimizing its web pages. The loading time of the pages becomes a key point for the display of the contents according to the quality of the connection of the user.This trivial change for the user, even if heavy content is diverted at the bottom of the page, is a demonstration that our world is turning more and more into optimization, forcing information providers to push back more and more limits of the treatment of the information in order to obtain an interesting scoring.

This model is similar to that of Google, this new playground should allow the emergence of new services offered by the Facebook group.
When we know the time spent by users on reading the newsfeed, we can easily imagine what this could have consequences for groups that do not have the knowledge and / or the skill to organize this optimization.
This new update will be generalized quickly to all countries progressively according to countries and users. In fact, many publishers will have to turn to the Instant Articles Format.

By reading this information, and if your group is concerned by this digital communication issue, Silicom and its partner WebL'agence will be delighted to accompany you and offer you resources or solutions adapted! So do not hesitate, contact our Experts!

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