Disabled workers: reality or fiction?

14/12/2017 in "Society"
Thirty years after Philippe Séguin's law on disability in companies, the results are mixed. While some companies meet the minimum quota of 6% of disabled workers, others try to avoid the measure. What about Silicom? Response from Philippe Reuilly, in charge of the IORPs (Representative Staff Representatives).

Although the term "disabled workers" appeared for the first time in 1957, in the law of 23 November on the reclassification of disabled workers, it is yet another piece of legislation on the subject that has struck the minds.

Part of the initiative of Philippe Séguin, then Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, the law of 10 July 1987 marked a turning point in the representation of disability in societies.

A major text imposing the duty on "all employers (private or public), employing at least 20 employees, to employ at least 6% of disabled workers" . A figure, alas, which is not systematically respected.

What about Silicom? "The company employs employees with a disability" reassures Philippe Reuilly, adding, "we will not exclude disabled people in hiring, but we will not recruit either on the pretext that they are . Above all, we refuse to reason in terms of quotas.

Hiring or fine

Some companies nevertheless choose to avoid the 1987 law. To avoid having to hire the minimum quota of disabled workers, provided by the text, these companies pay a contribution to theAgefiph(Fund Management Association for the Professional Integration of Disabled People).

Of course, the bigger the work structure, the more "the fine" at Agefiph will be high. Thus, since January 1, 2017, the bill for companies with more than 750 employees amounts to a modest sum of 5836 euros.

Faced with the thorny issue of disability in business, progress must be made. According to Philippe Reuilly, "this requires an exhaustive inventory of handicaps. There are some who are visible and others who are less visible. Some people do not yet dare to declare their disability, for fear that this could have consequences for their work ". A situation that is brought to evolve.

At Silicom, despite the desire to fight against the idea of quotas, disability is not a brake on hiring. "The purpose of our company is to provide intellectual services. It's more the CV and the ability to interact with the customers who will import, that the disability itself, which by the way, is absolutely not a filter for hiring " . All is not lost.

By Antoine Le Fur

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