Back on the best moments of the annual Silicom agency event in Paris

06/02/2018 in "Society"
Thursday, December 21, it was at the restaurant neuilléen the feet in water that took place the end of the year party of the agency SILICOM Paris. An event placed obviously under the sign of Christmas, where gifts were numerous!

The Christmas 2017 Silicom employees started a little earlier than usual. Thursday, December 21, was indeed the end of year party of the company. Head for Neuilly-sur-Seine and its restaurant Les Pieds dans L'eau.

Admittedly, it was a little chilly to take a dip in the waters, but the atmosphere was none the less at the rendezvous. For the occasion, the "Silicomians" made their Secret Santa: bring a gift, then offer it to one of his colleagues, by means of a draw. Unavoidable Christmas chocolates, mugs and other gadgets more or less crazy, there was something for everyone!

Who says holiday season also said Christmas sweater and some had no trouble to adorn clothing and accessories adorned with reindeer motifs, flakes or snowmen. A rather amusing theme that was proposed by the team of the Paris Works Council to all Silicom employees of the Île-de-France agency, throughout the month of December. And for those who did not dare the sacrosanct "Tata Joëlle's Christmas sweater", the glasses and other regressive mustaches came to remind us that no, definitely, ridicule did not kill. On the contrary, it allowed everyone to spend a very pleasant evening, closing as it should be a year 2017, synonymous with success and success for Silicom!

While waiting for the next end-of-year party of the company (in eleven months, all the same), here is a little anthology of the best pictures of the ICI event.

Antoine Le Fur

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