Silicom turns 35

19/06/2018 in "Society"
2018 is an important year for the company celebrating its 35th birthday. On this occasion, the president of the group, Jules Bataille, spoke about the major stages of the company as well as the future projects on which Silicom employees are currently working.

Today, how is Silicom?

Good ! Currently, the challenge is to continue to have ambition for our future projects. We must continue our efforts to make our group one of the major players in our field of activity. We can really say that Silicom wants to talk about his creativity on several levels.

Managerial, technological, HR and social creativity are more than permanent and essential objectives, but true beliefs for our group.

Currently, what is Silicom's position relative to its competitors?

In the field of service companies, which is the sector in which Silicom belongs, we note that there is a deep questioning of companies in the sector in terms of management of employees, given the current situation. Silicom can pride itself on having a quality of service that has progressed continuously over time.

In general, we can say that we are a group primarily based on the human . Even in the past, there has always been this desire to structure to integrate the human dimension.

Silicom has an important sense of the requirement, especially technical. This is one of the two slogans of society.

If we had to summarize Silicom in two words, it would be the determination and the technological requirement.

"The strength of Silicom remains the quality of its services"

What are the strengths of the group?

Silicom's major asset lies in the size of its projects. We are a group in which the customer occupies a central place. Also, quality of service remains one of the recognized strengths of our group and it is to all employees, through their involvement and professionalism that we owe this recognition.

In recent years, what have been your greatest pride?

We were lucky to have beautiful projects entrusted by the clients with whom we used to work. One of our pride lies in the fact that we can congratulate ourselves for having been able to maintain this customer satisfaction throughout these 35 years.

On the other hand, there is also the pride of remaining in the race for technology by understanding the new expectations of our customers and exploring what the future might be in the areas in which we operate.

Silicom has in its genes the will to reinvent itself and pursues tirelessly, in spite of shorter and shorter technological cycles, its innovation. Due to its expansion and structuring, the group is preparing the next 35 years.

Has the recent facelift of Silicom's logo marked a renewal in the image of the group?

This new logo has marked the spirits. We are in a time when digital is king. This redesign of the logo has a clear marketing issue for the group's visual identity.

For this image representing the seahorse with these different shades of blue, we wanted to do something quite simple and design, which contrasts sharply with the previous logos and is a real identifier with ease.

"We want our employees to work in the best possible environment"

What are your big projects for the future?

These will mainly be diversification projects. First of all, there is the acquisition of ABS ALTO, which becomes a representation in the Rhône Alpes region of SILICOM know - how. Other projects are in progress.

How is the work done with the various Silicom employees?

The group makes a point of honor that its employees work in a good atmosphere and the quality of life at work is a permanent desire. That's why we have developed different tools on the concept of well-being in the company. Our managerial motto boils down to: "We must take pleasure in doing what we do".

In general, it seems important to us that every employee feels involved in what he does and believes in it. We want to bring them projects and challenges that live up to their potential.

Do you have a particular wish for the future?

To be better than yesterday! To do better than in the past is our first ambition on a daily basis.

Above all, we want two things: to encourage an open and constructive dialogue with our employees and our customers, so as not to lose the values that are ours and that make us unique.

But also continue our development so that our group becomes one of the major players in the digital service.

Interviewed by Antoine Le Fur

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