Industries of the future: what future for businesses?

07/02/2019 in "Digital"
Robotics and other 3D printers have become essential. Industry 4.0, also seen as the "fourth industrial revolution" is more relevant than ever. Implementation of government measures for SMEs, dedicated exhibitions, university courses ... The industry of the future is ubiquitous and companies are preparing to take a major turn. But what about in practice? Response elements.

This was one of Macron's latest flagship announcements. On September 20th, atDassault Systèmes'headquarters, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented his action plan for the digital transformation of SMEs and Intermediate Size Companies (ETI).

From this speech for the least expected, came out three essential points. First, the idea of over-tax depreciation for SMEs, 40% of investments limited to robotics and digital transformation for purchases made between January 2019 and end 2020. Then comes the establishment accelerated platforms for the industry of the future , which would especially have a role of "spokesperson" to disseminate new technologies. Finally, the last point is based on support for digital transformation, based on a commitment by the government, having set up an envelope of 500 million euros .

If Edouard Philippe's speech made a big splash, it was mainly because it targeted mainly SMEs, so far little concerned by the major shift that constitutes the industry of the future. The government has one goal in mind, which amounts to one figure: 10,000. That is the number of additional SMEs that it wants to support the digital transformation by 2022, against 5,200 currently. A rather ambitious challenge, which ministers will look into, in partnership with the regions.

4.0 industries and university courses

At a time when nearly 80% of companies say they are ready to pass the course of the industry of the future , new university courses are being set up. During the last student year, a new Master was born at theIUT of Nantes. Targeted to train future senior technical executives, it offers students the opportunity to improve their skills in the different key areas of industry 4.0, which are digital and robotics.

But it is not only in Nantes that future engineers can acclimatize to the industry of the future, during their studies. Indeed, in Saclay (Essonne), a factory-school allows students to see concretely how works a certain type of new generation machines on which a large number of hopes are based.

The coming months and years promise to see a good progression of the industries of the future. While waiting to know how employees will anticipate this fourth industrial revolution, the news has recently given pride to new technologies. Indeed, last November, the Grand Palais hosted the event L'Usine Extraordinaire, while at the same time, was held in Mulhouse a fair entirely dedicated toindustries of the future.

At the end of January, it was in Istres that a morning open house was held at the Training Center of the Metallurgy Industries and Crafts Union (UIMM PACA) to discover the professions of the industry of the future. Industry 4.0 is just beginning!

Antoine Le Fur

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