Voice assistants, new business gadgets?

23/04/2018 in "Digital"
If until now, it was mostly used in a private circle, voice recognition tends to become more important in the corporate sector. Hearing simplify the life, these funny devices could well revolutionize the daily life of a large number of employees. So, phenomenon passenger or real advanced technology? Elements of answer by Patrick Bodin, director of the Cyber Defense Pole of Silicom.

They are called Alexa, Siri or Google and are the respective voice assistants of Amazon, Apple and Google itself.

Thanks to them, it is now possible to know the exact weather or other particular information. More and more used by consumers eager for new technologies, these new features are gradually taking root in the corporate world. The proof is, most recently, the presentation in Las Vegas of Watson Assistant, IBM's platform for companies to develop their own voice assistant.

"This marks a real breakthrough and that's great , " says Patrick Bodin. For the latter, in charge of issues around cybersecurity atSilicom, voice assistants remain an unsecured open door to the outside. According to him, "mentalities have changed and such tools can bring a lot in terms of organization, but these assistants are always connected to listening to conversations. In a world increasingly suspicious, it is clear that these new toys will give rise to new scandals .

This was indeed the case in 2015,the voice-activated assistant of Amazon, Alexa, was the witness of a murder in the southern United States.

Towards a change in the habits of employees?

Antoine Le Fur

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