Digital at the international level: which countries are the winners?

06/09/2017 in "Digital"
A recent study by Tufts University (USA), in collaboration with MasterCard, unveiled the ranking of the most competitive countries in terms of digital development.
Do you know the DEI? Behind this acronym, it must be confessed a little enigmatic, is actually hiding the Digital Evolution Index .This indicator measures the relationship of each country to progress 2.0, based on four key factors. This will involve determining the provision of networks (including the infrastructure issue); consumers' taste for digital and its technologies; the institutional environment (ie what each state is legally implementing in terms of digital); innovation, whether in the field of research and development or start-ups.This famous DEI is therefore at the heart of the study"Digital Planet 2017- how to achieve competitiveness and trust in digital economies vary accross the world", conducted jointly by the Fletcher School (Tufts University - USA) and MasterCard, and published on 11 July 2017.On the podium of the most advanced countries in terms of digital, we find Sweden, Norway and Switzerland . While Western European countries are naturally strong in this ranking thanks to their strong growth, we should also note the breakthrough in Asia, of which three states (Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong) are among the top 10 elites. digital " .This list of the Digital Evolution Index already has its fourth edition and we note that the relationship of countries surveyed with digital is likely to evolve.More precisely, out of the sixty nations mentioned in the study, four categories stand out.There are the leaders (Stand Out), at the top of the ranking, displaying an excellent digital development and grouping mostly Asian countries (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan) or the Middle East (UAE); States that stagnate (Stall Out) like those in Western Europe or the North currently experiencing a slowdown (in this respect, France is only twentieth position in the ranking); the challengers or those displaying a strong dynamism in terms of digital despite a lower DEI (Break Out), like China, Russia, Turkey or India; the countries to watch (Watch Out) such as Pakistan, Peru or Algeria.At a time when digital technology has become unavoidable, the Digital Evolution Index is a basic tool for analyzing the relationship of individuals with digital.As the study shows, nothing is fixed in the marble and can therefore change at any time. The place of France, twentieth position of the charts , is quite eloquent. Like other states in Western and Northern Europe, its rank could change if the country, despite its strong growth, did not make innovations. Without real progress, his relegation to the limbo of the ranking would not, therefore, more necessarily a mirage.By Antoine Le Fur.

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