SILICOM supports the association "Children of the Mekong"

21/11/2017 in "Digital"
Silicom is, since 2016, an active partner of the association Enfant du Mékong and wishes to participate in its digitization program.

"Children of the Mekong" is an association founded in 1958, which works for children and the youngest to enable them to attend school, help them improve their material condition and build intellectually, emotionally and morally. It works in the countries of Southeast Asia (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and in the Yunann region, China), through the participation of volunteers, students or young professionals.

The association began by setting up a micro-donation system through Electronic Payment Terminals (EPTs) and subsequently wished to develop a web portal listing participating merchants.

SILICOM took up this challenge and embarked on the adventure.

To do this, a group of consultants, provided with complementary skills (computer development, web design, ...), met around this project to define its technical and functional architecture.

The team participating in the challenge had to put in place the different roles endorsed by each and leave room for their imagination, while respecting the specifications defined by the association. Eight months of work later, a final version, validated by the association, was delivered.

The website, with the expected functionalities, is now available and allows to identify the merchants participating in the operation, their geolocation, their contact details and their motivation through a form previously informed by themselves.

The investment of the consultants in this charitable and human project allowed to develop the same values advocated by SILICOM.

* An electronic payment terminal (TPE) is the device available at merchants that allows for payment by credit card.

By Artus de Drouas, Julian Marié, Clément Tatangelo and Amadou Tall (the SILICOM team which raised the Challenge des   "Children of the Mekong")

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