Silicom presents its new visual identity

16/11/2017 in "Digital"
The brand did not wait until the end of the year to make resolutions. From now on, the company will be like its hippocampus. "An animal that adapts while remaining inflexible", according to Jules Bataille, president of the company. Explanation in three points by its founder.

Explain to us the reasons for the change of visual identity of Silicom?

First, there was the idea of refreshing the visual identity of the company, so that it is in line with what we propose at Silicom.

We thought about the different ways to modernize our logo. The idea of the hippocampus corresponded quite well to the image we wanted to give the company. It is an animal that conveys a certain image of serenity . A bit like what Silicom aspires to be.

To do this, we worked with graphic designers, so as to realize the different shades of blue that we see on the logo. It's a color that has always inspired us. With the seahorse, we also wanted to emphasize the nuances since there is not only one, but indeed several shades of blue on it.

In a way, the change of the window of Silicom meets a imperative of modernism in the structure and the writing of the mark.

What were the issues regarding this facelift of the box logo?

Mainly the desire to perpetuate the image of Silicom in time.

With this new logo, there is this desire that it lasts. Above all, one of the major issues was to get symbolically closer to what the hippocampus represents. Quite simply, if Silicom were an animal, it would be a hippocampus.

Like him, we tend to adapt to all environments. An adaptation in time as well as in the environment of all our customers.

The hippocampus has a strong personality and very good qualities. He is patient, protective, supple, friendly, generous. So many features that seem to me perfectly summarize Silicom.

Finally, I would say that one of the important issues was also this imperative of modernism . It's quite simple, for twenty years, the logo had not changed. So there was this primordial need that Silicom put itself on the page and it went through a redesign of its logo.

What will this new logo change for the brand?

First, there will be a radiation from Silicom that will be more important.

Thus, it will bring considerable visibility for our customers. We really want this new logo to be sustainable. It's something in the long run.

In addition, this hippocampus will allow stronger optimization on several levels, whether for customers, networks and digital.

The two major characteristics of the hippocampus are adaptability and inflexibility . Two qualities that we claim at Silicom. We adapt to all environments but we still have some inflexibility. In short, no matter what happens, we keep our values!

Interviewed by Antoine Le Fur

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