GAFA, four news letters
It is an acronym that has become unavoidable, in the space of a few months. GAFA, four letters to designate the "digital giants", that is to say Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. Names more than familiar in the digital age. While Europe is divided as to taxing them, France has decided to take the lead. So, what lies behind the famous GAFA tax? Response elements.
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Industries of the future: what future for businesses?
Robotics and other 3D printers have become essential. Industry 4.0, also seen as the "fourth industrial revolution" is more relevant than ever. Implementation of government measures for SMEs, dedicated exhibitions, university courses ... The industry of the future is ubiquitous and companies are preparing to take a major turn. But what about in practice? Response elements.
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Voice assistants, new business gadgets?
If until now, it was mostly used in a private circle, voice recognition tends to become more important in the corporate sector. Hearing simplify the life, these funny devices could well revolutionize the daily life of a large number of employees. So, phenomenon passenger or real advanced technology? Elements of answer by Patrick Bodin, director of the Cyber Defense Pole of Silicom.
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SILICOM supports the association "Children of the Mekong"
Silicom is, since 2016, an active partner of the association Enfant du Mékong and wishes to participate in its digitization program.
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Silicom presents its new visual identity
The brand did not wait until the end of the year to make resolutions. From now on, the company will be like its hippocampus. "An animal that adapts while remaining inflexible", according to Jules Bataille, president of the company. Explanation in three points by its founder.
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Digital at the international level: which countries are the winners?
A recent study by Tufts University (USA), in collaboration with MasterCard, unveiled the ranking of the most competitive countries in terms of digital development.
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