Cyberdefense, a topical and delicate topic for French companies

02/08/2019 in "Cybersecurity"

The terms cyberdefense and cyberattack are now well known to businesses. Being threatened by computer attacks is unfortunately the lot of many companies. A risk that does not escape some French firms. While the Orange Cyber Defense Group is multiplying initiatives around the concept of cybersecurity, we can see that the threat risk is still there. How to fight effectively against this plague 2.0? Spotlight on one of the evils affecting millions of people around the world.

In terms of prevention against the risks of cyber attacks, the company Orange Cyberdefense knows how to do it.

Recently, the group acquired Secure Link , a Dutch service provider specializing in cybersecurity. Cost of the operation? EUR 515 million . A nice sum, only a few months after the acquisition of the British company SecureData, in February 2019.

In addition to these various acquisitions, Orange Cyberdefense also uses marketing tools to communicate on the subject. Monday, May 27, the company announced the launch of an escape game offer, to raise awareness about the risks of computer threats . The scenario, written by experts of Orange Cyberdefense, is addressed to all its employees and is played in the conditions of reality.

A playful way to evoke a type of threats , alas of topicality, despite the measures put in place, both internationally and in France. To take the measure, just look at the speech made by the Minister of Armies, Florence Parly, in January 2018.

How to fight effectively against cyberattacks , against which total immunity does not seem possible? By choosing an offensive action.

According to Florence Parly, "in the event of a cyber attack against our forces, we reserve the right to respond, in accordance with the law, by the means and at the time of our choice", adding, "but we will also ready to use in external operations the cyber weapon for offensive purposes, alone or in support of our conventional means, to multiply the effects ".

A simulation of cyberattack

To be aware of the magnitude of the threat, the best may still be to get in shape. To do so, the G7 countries will, in the coming days, carry out a major simulation of cross-border cyberattack.

The exercise will be based on the following scenario: the infection of a technical component massively used in the field of finance. A kind of test that had already been proposed by the European Central Bank and the Bank of England.

But the one that will be implemented by the G7 countries will mark a novelty since it will be the first time that an exercise of this type will be conducted in several countries simultaneously.

If it can be vulnerable on the subject, it is clear that France is tackling the problem of cyberattacks. Recently, the Hexagon has even distinguished itself, winning the international exercise of cyber defense Locked Schields 2019 .

Locked Schields, organized by NATO's Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence in Tallinn, Estonia, is the world's largest real-life cyber defense exercise.

France, champion of the fight against cyberattacks? This seems to be the case.

Antoine Le Fur

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