Cybersecurity, current and fundamental data

19/01/2018 in "Cybersecurity"
In 2018, it will be a term that will be more than ever present. In recent years, cybersecurity has become a major issue for companies. Faced with the attacks that have multiplied last year, new strategies have been put in place to improve the relationship of employees with this vast space that is Internet. Some answers with Patrick Bodin, Director of Silicom's Cyber Defense Division.

Until a few years ago, cybersecurity was a funny and rather obscure word, used by a few specialists in specific sectors of activity. Today, this is a file on which every company, even SMEs, is forced to floor.

In question, the proliferation of cyberattacks that are victims of many companies. Recently, it is the piracy of big names such as SNCF or Yahoo, which have hit the headlines.

But the smallest companies are not spared by this kind of inconvenience. "Today, in France, there are about 60% of SMEs that are 100% vulnerable , " said Patrick Bodin , a specialist in cybersecurity issues at Silicom. For the latter, it is better to be cautious on the Web because "the Internet can be seen as a disease to the extent that it is free of rights. We can compare it to a cancer because for the moment, we do not know yet how to cure all this " .

Cybersecurity: an educational duty?

For Patrick Bodin, cybersecurity is not an epiphenomenon. "It's a need for everyone," he recalls, whether professionally or privately. In the field of education, specialized schools and sectors are multiplying.

What about communication in companies? At Silicom, the idea of developing training is important. "We must educate the man of the 21st century," Patrick Bodin warmly recommends.

Cybersecurity is therefore more than ever a fundamental data for companies and a hot topic of debate, eminently topical. Despite threats of cyberattacks increasingly present, the means to fight against these dangers are being put in place. "At Silicom, we have a simple three-step motto that is: I know, I decide, I assume," proudly declares Patrick Bodin. All is said.

Antoine Le Fur

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